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the call to awaken

the call to awaken

We have all just lived through a time period where, for many of us, the illusion seems more real than ever. On the surface it may appear that we are entering an age where untruth in our words and actions has much less consequence than ever before. But this is unlikely to be the case. We are just in a sped up external web where it is more difficult to perceive what is real. If we wish to find ourselves back in balance, becoming complacent and indifferent is not the answer.

Along with many of you we have been awakened by the recent events in the United States and have re-committed ourselves, our yoga business and our teaching to serve the highest good with a level of energy we have not embodied before. Action. Massive action is necessary by those who strive to stay conscious and connected in what seems to be an increasingly disconnected and fear based world. At the same time our world has more conscious beings alive today doing more good than ever before in the history of our species. This is likely one of the many causes of the seemingly increased level of separation many of us are experiencing.

This collective awakening needs our participation and our highest contribution to continue the shift in human consciousness that will lead us to the next stage of our existence. There is both incredible darkness and spectacular light in our world. Our true nature is neither. When we choose to shine the light of our awareness on our higher Self it is simply because it continually helps us keep the external world in balance.

We can clearly see how the darkness caused complacency in ourselves and this greatly affected our balance. The effects are obvious to anyone who is close to us. Of course we are often the last ones to recognize when we are living in that space. Whenever we find ourselves in a darkened or ego absorbed place we take on too much so we can stay busy and connect with the rest of the ego based world. The ego does whatever it can to stay away from the stillness within each one of us. Our personal practice diminishes, patience evaporates, diet suffers and we make bad decisions that affect many people. These decisions are made without the consult of the other people who have an interest in what evolation is doing and where it is going.

Now we are awake again. Our effort in action is Now to sustain and grow this awakened state. This means we are listening to those close to us and those far away. Now and later we are here for you and there for you . We are everywhere for you. We welcome you to be there for us. I am you. You are me. We are inter-are.

Mark & Zefea

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Mark Drost

Mark was born and raised by two incredible parents, one powerful sister and 5 unique brothers in Hamburg and Buffalo, New York. Though it is beyond his comprehension to communicate the full scope of Love in the I AM PRESENCE he has spent much of his life sharing his experience with others. Mark, the founder of evolation yoga and One World Still, has been studying the history and philosophy of yoga and meditation for his entire adult life. Mark's personal meditation practice of more than 30 years has fully informed his work with his current non-profit project. He currently resides at the Oasis in Santa Barbara, California with his amazing wife Zefea and two spirit children Indira and Ravi.