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beginning of a new yoga journey

beginning of a new yoga journey

This is not the end, it is the beginning of a new yoga journey

We graduated. Diploma’s, kisses, hugs and everything. It was intense, an emotional and physical roller coaster and bubble that now ceases to exist.

Today I taught my first class! I have never ever experienced such focus, for a full 94 (oh oh…) minutes. I was in another zone, only there to serve my students with my words, presence and energy. How did it go?

No clue….It flew by. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to teach right away, fresh from training. I can bring everything I have learned immediately into practice. My feedback remains the same; more dialogue! Sometimes I was looking for words, to keep them in certain postures, other postures went smooth. Ryan advised me to study two postures after each class I teach; tonight it will be Trikanassana & Sassangasana. I think it went good for a first class.


Tomorrow, the day after and the day after that I have a chance to improve. And all the remaining days after that!

I felt shaky, not sure whether to cry or laugh. I came home and even threw up; all this tension just had to get out I suppose…. Crying and laughing at the same time.

5 Weeks ago I embarked on immersion training, now I’m transforming into a teacher. How exciting!

I would like to express my gratitude to my fellow trainees, to Zefea, Mark, Toddy, Pien and Christian. They have supported me so much to find my inner teacher, gain a deeper understanding of the series and postures. The training has been the best investment I have ever spent!

Maria Wielenga

Maria, Maria; I might remind you of The West Side Story. My favourite movie initiated my love for dancing. My love for dancing passed in my early twenties but my body still ached for movement and precision as in the perfect pirouette. Tried some yoga classes, but did not felt fully challenged until my first hot 90 class! My body got what it needed and so much more! Pretty soon I will be a teacher and have the ability to inspire and share all the wondrous gifts hot yoga has. How cool is that?