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welcome to casa giulia

welcome to casa giulia

We invite you to pull up a chair and relax for a while.

Imagine the fireplace warming your feet while the gentle sounds of nature fill the evening air. Through the window a soft glow of distant city lights hover on the horizon like the final seconds of a setting sun.

Life here is simple and quiet.

You’ve just spent the day practicing yoga in the spacious studio just up the hill and your mind is full of new information from today’s lesson.

Welcome to Casa Giulia.

Casa Giulia is magical villa nestled in the hills overlooking Tuscany where evolation will host their first annual traveling teacher training this June.

And we couldn’t be more excited.

Owned and managed by Giulia Guandalini, a dear friend and graduate of the evolation TT program, this casa was completely restored one year ago to preserve its rustic country charm while providing all the comforts of a modern retreat setting. The surrounding gardens provide privacy and peace while the swimming pool provides a place to cool off and relax between hot yoga classes. Hardwood floors line the house with soft, cozy beds for a good night’s sleep. Every meal is prepared with fresh vegetables right out of the garden.

Less than 6 kilometers away is Sass Marconi, ​a small town known for the famous Italian inventor and engineer, Guglielmo Marconi. ​Charming shops, traditional restaurants and museums line the streets of this warm-hearted community.

When you’re ready for more action, a bit further by train is Bologna, a lively, historic capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, where ​the historical city center has been qualified by UNESCO as the best preserved in the world.

Whether you dream of life in the Italian countryside or just need a break from big city life, Casa Giulia will give you just what you need. Now pair that with an in-depth, high-caliber, internationally recognized teacher training, and you’re in for the treat of a lifetime.

To learn more or register for this opportunity, email mark@evolationyoga.com or visit our website.

Allison Antoinette

Allison Antoinette​ is the newest addition to evolation yoga with a background in Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga alongside holistic nutrition. ​​Her inquisitive brain​ ​​finds joy in Eastern traditions and looks to help improve a quality of life for all.