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We are reaching out to all fellow teachers and students of our common lineage who wish to share an alternative path for teaching, thinking about, and living the practice that we all love.

The evolation collective now includes partners with decades of experience leading meditation, kids yoga, partner yoga and the traditional Hot Yoga Primary Series. If you want to be part of what we are doing to evolve hot yoga then please get in touch.

email: mark@evolationyoga.com


make yoga your business

Evolation’s goal is to be the preeminent organization to fuse the best practices of a flexible western business model with the Self-centered practice of yoga and meditation. We believe there’s an opportunity to evolve the ancient system – to bridge eastern philosophies with western efficiency – to make yoga more accessible to everyone. From a market share perspective, yoga is in its infancy, but a larger opportunity remains untapped. The idea of a cohesive, yet expansive yoga organization that rivals any other business has been building. Others have laid the foundation, and opened the door; now, evolation is turning on the lights.

see your Self as part of something big

We help people opening a yoga studio, as well as invite today’s yoga studio owners and teachers to join us in this exciting transformation. Become the catalyst for change on a larger scale. Together, we can create a unified yoga platform of openness, inclusiveness, and adaptability – and we can do so in a financially sustainable way. Our strength stems from our community, which is why we’ve built the evolation Collective – a network of instructors and studio owners where ideas, talent, expertise can be shared to fuel everyone’s growth.

administrative support system

  • Affiliation with evolation and its network of studios
  • Professional organization and quality control standards
  • Integration into the larger brand website

business growth opportunities

  • Access to experienced staff to help grow your studio, teacher, student and business base
  • Studio expansion analysis and assistance
  • Opportunity to own a flagship evolation Holistic Healing Center in your region that can serve as a training base

marketing and advertising resources

  • Association with an expanding national brand
  • Use of the registered trademark name and brand logo
  • Turn-key advertising materials including posters, brochures, schedules, and more
  • Marketing strategy assistance

teacher development

  • Affordable, high-quality training programs to help build your
    teacher base
  • Ability to hold a Primary Teacher Training program in your studio, to guide and monitor participants to fit your studio’s style
  • Flexible and accessible scheduling options

access to the evolation Collective

  • Connect with our growing network of teachers and studio owners. Post and pursue professional opportunities
  • Leverage other studio’s business, promotional or growth strategies
  • Share experiences, challenges, insights
  • Exchange teaching, management, mentorship, and practice tips

we welcome you

The evolation Collective is reaching out to all fellow teachers and students of our common lineage, to share an alternative path to teaching, thinking about, and living the practice that we all love.

evolation: A creative collaboration. A balance of broad experience, tenacious spirit and passionate determination for truth.

evolation yoga was founded in 2009 as a vehicle to grow beyond our everyday experiences and give teachers and students a community that, rather than holding them back, would inspire them to evolve in the realization of the Self.

Our mission is simple: to work as a collective and live by example with integrity, balance, responsibility, inclusiveness, authenticity, and presence.

Our studios offer an active collective of students and teachers who are on the path to graceful balance with mindfulness.

our invitation

We invite you to bring your students ready to be teachers to one of our trainings while participating yourself as one of the teachers. We offer a small, safe, accessible and interactive approach to training people with the wisdom of our whole lineage. Your students will be high functioning and fully inspired teachers after one intensive month with the evolation team of teachers and YOU!

There are many ways to join or work alongside us:

  • You can affiliate your studio with us with no strings attached or rigid demands levied.
  • You can become a member of our network of teachers just by saying the word.
  • You can participate in our teacher trainings as a teacher or a student.

contact us

Contact us if you would like to open up and share your experience with our ever-evolving community of yogis. Whether connected to the brand or a contributor to the collective, we welcome you. Even if you choose not to become part of the collective, we are here to support you.  We are guided only by our desire to foster unity in our community.

  • Our yoga community is in a critical phase of redefining itself.
  • As a community we are asking the question – Where do we go from here?
  • Come, join with us as we travel this path of renewal together!

get in touch with your Self – and others – as an evolation teacher

Interested in becoming an evolation instructor? Smart yogi! Teaching this powerfully healing, transformative, and Self-centered practice is a gift – for you, and your future students. You’ll learn to be present, responsible, authentic and inclusive, and have the opportunity to contribute to your world every day. And what other career can offer personal fulfillment, physical well being, and Self-discovery along with a paycheck?

learn to teach. teach to learn

evolation is only as strong as its teachers are. That’s why we provide superior quality training with ample individual attention, career guidance, and continued support throughout your entire teaching tenure. We believe you should have perpetual access to the best tools and experience possible to achieve a higher standard in teaching, and a fully sustainable living.

ready, set, yo-ga!

So, how do you get started? For new teachers, the path to an evolation vocation begins with our hot yoga Teacher Training or our flow yoga Teacher Training. If you are already qualified and looking to deepen your yoga knowledge then join us for the one week Beyond 26+2 Next Step certification.

Get started now

expand your horizons – and your offerings

evolation’s approach to yoga is one that embraces flexibility and growth – and we apply that principle to our teachers, too. If you are a certified yoga teacher who wants to go deeper into your practice and teaching then join us for our Beyond 26+2 Next Step certification. Our intimate teacher trainings are ideal for teachers who want more than a boot camp experience, and are ready to learn more about the anatomy and physiology of yoga science, delve into meditation and explore yoga philosophy.

career guidance that follows your lead

When you become an evolation instructor, the guidance doesn’t stop with a certification. We continue to help you build a sustainable career in yoga by leveraging your creative energy, ability, and talent and turning these into opportunities. Whatever path you choose, we’ll support you. Just as you’re here for your students, we’re here for you.

learn from your fellow teachers, in the evolation collective

There’s a wealth of brain (and muscle) power contained within our assembled experiences. That’s why we created the evolation Collective, a unique network of instructors and studio owners where ideas, talent, and expertise can be shared in order to fuel everyone’s growth. A resource and a repository, it’s an on and offline community through which you can seek and give guidance, procure and post jobs, share and browse stories, and most of all – strengthen through connection.

you scratch our itch, we’ll scratch yours

Running a yoga studio requires a wide range of skills and talents, not all of which find use on the mat, in the yoga room itself. At evolation studios this translates into opportunities for work trade and internships for the right students. Whether you are looking to trade a few hours of your time every month for yoga or wish to participate in a comprehensive internship program, evolation may be able to help.

email: mark@evolationyoga.com


yoga teacher training victoria

Evolation yoga  teacher training runs in different locations throughout the year. Students can study take our hot yoga teacher training and flow yoga teacher training 250hr certifications, which are RYT – Yoga Alliance approved courses. Qualified teachers are invited to study our beyond 26+2 certification or the even deeper secondary yoga teacher training course.

The evolation collective includes some of the most experienced teachers from the Bikram and the flow community and if you are interested in becoming part of this team we welcome you to get in touch.



TheHotTT is a conscious alternative to the Bikram yoga teacher training. Our 500hr Yoga Alliance Hot Yoga Teacher Training that lasts 8 weeks, where students learn to teach the Hot Yoga Primary Series (26+2), in an intense training environment, without the associated attachments.

Thanks to the nature of the evolation collective students also receive Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher training certification and a meditation workshop with the Expanding Light during the training. We welcome teachers and studios that want to be a part of TheHotTT.


HotTT yoga teacher training amsterdam

One World Still brings people together from every corner of the globe. We gather each month from all over the world to be still, simultaneously. For a set hour, on a set date – we come together to be calm, silent and still.

One World Still is a not for profit project of the evolation collective with a mission to unite the world through stillness and help the shift toward a new collective consciousness. It is an opportunity for individuals and organisations to come together in a peaceful and meaningful way, and we invite you to be a part of the stillness every single month.



hot yoga teacher training atlanta

Evolation is making an expansive journey into several US States, Europe, Asia and South America, with studios in cities all around the world.

All of the yoga studios within the evolation collective are founded on shared practices and principles. This creates a cohesive community based upon mutual ideals and support, whilst maintaining the openness that is necessary for growth.

No matter which studio students visit – and whether they have kept used the evolation name or kept their own – the will be guided towards the ultimate destination of their Self. If you want to add your studio to the collective then please get in touch.


yoga teacher training victoria

During the evolation collective 500 hour teacher training, TheHotTT, students are invited to deepen their meditation practice with a 3 day course given by the directors of Expanding Light.

The Expanding Light is a retreat center in Northern California with a direct lineage to Paramhansa Yogananda that welcomes seekers from every background.

As members of the evolation collective and through their support of TheHotTT, the Expanding Light teach our yoga teacher trainees how to quiet the mind to develop deeper levels of awareness, through a balanced mixture of personal stillness and expert instruction.


hot yoga teacher training atlanta

Rainbow Kids is an international yoga teacher training company, that offers a well recognised 3-day kids and family yoga teacher training, alongside several other course that help people learn to teach yoga to kids in a safe and fun environment.

Rainbow Kids Yoga offer their three day certification as part of the evolation collective HotTT 500 hour yoga teacher training.

The experience takes trainees on a magical journey where they meet fly airplanes, meet animals and drive cars – along with the children they are teaching grow into trees – all formed within dynamic yoga poses.



HotTT yoga teacher training amsterdam

Evolation Retreats was created to help yoga studios and teachers who share our lineage, and agree with our collective ideals, promote their retreats.

It is a free listings website for any event that offers an immersive retreat experience that fulfils the signature elements of our Open Heart Journeys: wonderful locations, daily practice, healthy food, adventure excursions and karma yoga.

Retreats are an excellent way for evolation graduates and all teacher to supplement their income and grow their yoga community. If you would like to list your retreat on the website then please get in touch.



Nicole is an international presenter at MINDBODY University and consultant with vast experience working with yoga businesses all over the world.

She specializes in business consulting on the best practices in pricing, marketing to attract new students, sales techniques, retention strategies that increase commitment, and running key reports in MINDBODY to analyze the health of your yoga business.