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December giveaway: Win a BlooM Ragbag Yoga Bag

December giveaway: Win a BlooM Ragbag Yoga Bag

We at Evolation Yoga will showcase a new yoga giveaway to our Facebook fans and blog readers each month. Stay involved for your chance to earn something cool.

update on our BlooM Ragbag Yoga Bag giveaway

Here is a loving quote from Rust H, the lucky winner of this amazing yoga bag. Congrats 🙂

yoga rag bag from bloom giveaway

“The yoga bag is a huge hit with my daughter, I know it will be with her for years and years. She loves the uniqueness of it and will cherish it.

Here’s a picture of it, loaded up with her mat and ready to go!

Thank you so much once again, we are so grateful.”

for a chance to win a BlooM Ragbag Yoga Bag

The competition will run from December 1st to 31st and one winner will be selected at random. The winner will come away with a BlooM Ragbag Yoga Bag – blue print. There are many ways to enter and you can enter our giveaway daily. Applicants from every country are welcome. Enter using the form below:

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BlooM Yoga Bags mission

Tamil Nadu is a province southern India. In a small rooftop factory, bags and accessories are made of recycled tea bigbags. ‘Ragpickers’ of the Raghu organization are collecting big teabags at different tea factories, restaurants and hotels. The teabags are made of strong, water-resistant and very cool material. Every tea bigbag has its own unique print, depending the tea company or plantation where the bag is from. So every yoga bag has its own unique print as well.

BlooM Ragbag Blue Pinterest

More than 20 people work for the company and each person earns a fair income. In addition, materials are re-used again instead of being thrown away to become even more waste.

the bag

The bag is spacious, strong, water resistant and with an adjustable strap. The long zipper (about the length of the bag) makes it easy to get your yoga mat and towel in and out of the bag. The eco yoga mats with a more rigid structure fit perfectly in this bag. Moreover, there is plenty of room for other yoga stuff, like clothes and a bottle of water. There are handy pockets for keys, wallet and a cell phone on the front and inside of the bag.

print in blue color

This bag has a blue print with funny words & numbers and ‘stamps’. Every bag has a unique design.


  • size: 71cm base length and 18cm diameter with long zipper
  • 2 pockets: pocket inside and pocket outside
  • colors: the bag is always the same beige with a blue print
  • print: blue print with funny words & numbers and ‘stamps’
  • material: water resistant, recycled material from tea bags in India
  • wash: hand wash

suitable for which yoga mat?

For yoga mats of maximum 66cm wide and with a maximum diameter of 16cm.


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