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discover your true self at an evolation flow training

discover your true self at an evolation flow training

Evolation guides you along the first steps of your path to awaken, nurture, and know your true essence – your Self. These first steps pave the way for the for the rest of your life. Come to an evolation flow training with us and we will help you expand your inner world so you have the power to change your outer world, and with your newfound awareness, you’ll be able to help others on their first steps of their path as an authentic teacher.

Evolation flow trainings are 250hr yoga teacher trainings focused on teaching a transformative, instructional and inspirational flow class.

The courses are led by our most experienced teachers in the evolation collective. These teachers know the best procedures for helping everyone develop and grow on an inner and outer level.

In an Evolation flow training, you will follow the core evolation curriculum, with an emphasis on the asanas, sequencing and modifications that make up a flow class. You will expand your own practice through daily posture mechanics, diverse yoga classes and personal feedback; fueled with a strong desire for continual growth.

flow yoga teacher training

what’s included in the growth experience?

comprehensive training:

  • 250 hours of in-depth, expansive instruction on yoga philosophies, postures and alignment, anatomy and physiology, class sequences and themes, and meditation.
  • Experiential, integrated training through classes and class observations.
  • Complete and focussed guidance on how to teach evolation’s flow class.

guided mentorship:

  • Hands-on instruction in small, personal groups.
  • Practice and preparation through teaching actual classes.
  • Access to senior teachers and the collective knowledge and experience of evolation teachers worldwide.
  • Continued support and guidance throughout your teaching career.

Evolation Flow Training Handstand

flexible and accessible training options:

Evolation offers three distinct ways for you to complete your flow teacher training:

  • Immersion – 28 days in a row full-time
  • Modules – divide the curriculum into four modules. You may access modules in different locations and at different times to suit your individual schedule.
  • Ongoing/Extended – training over a 5 or 6 month period, occurring mostly on nights and weekends. Attend at least one immersion module, and configure the schedule to meet your individual work, school and family needs.

unlimited growth opportunities:

  • Assistance finding teaching positions in evolation yoga studios.
  • Access to the world-wide Evolation Collective – a network of teachers and studios where you can seek professional opportunities, share experiences, ask for insights and ideas, and offer assistance to others.


“The trainings are kept small so you get the most out of your experience, never having questions left unanswered. You are welcomed into this loving environment where you not only learn about yoga, you learn about yourself. The best part is that you become a member of this amazing family. You feel supported throughout your training and once you have graduated those communication pathways stay open. The friendships you create here are with you for a lifetime.”

Emily Brown, Tampa, 2013


Tulum: Oct 3rd – 29th

Hot & Flow Immersion

Spend four weeks in bliss and complete your flow yoga teacher training in a gorgeous resort near a stunning city. This marvelous destination is the perfect place to live, learn and and start your personal journey.

Evolation’s yoga teacher training in Tulum is an extensive look into the world of flow yoga. Days are filled with posture mechanics, teaching clinics, and lectures on yoga and the body. Each of those elements intertwine nicely to give you all of the basic tools necessary to teach the a full flow yoga series.

You will teach at least one full class during the course, so you will be more than prepared to teach the public before leaving.

In Tulum, we will be staying at the luxurious La Calma. La Calma will be an unforgettable destination with its own 135 square meter wooden floor yoga studio with social facilities, dressing rooms and showers. All meals in La Calma are cooked from local produce which is bought new each day. The local resources provide only organic produce to ensure freshness and quality come through each bite. Fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish depending on season, are caught and harvested fresh so our menu is changed each week.

Going with the organic theme, La Calma is independent to the external environment. The electricity is generated from the solar energy using MPPT panels, water is pumped from own boreholes. Everything which is used at the house is biodegradable, waste is filtered and cleaned in its own biodigestores and two sewages. There is no undesirable waste, the house is fully self-sufficient and is not contaminating the land.

Grow with evolation yoga and join us for a yoga experience that will change your life.

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Tampa: Jul 11 – Aug 6th

Hot & Flow Immersion

Evolation Flow Training Shoulder Stand

Evolation Yoga Tampa is one of the original evolation yoga studios home to some of the most experienced teachers in the collective, all of whom are coming together to make our evolation flow training exceptional. Spend four weeks in the sunshine of Tampa completing your hot yoga teacher training or flow yoga teacher training.

Our yoga teacher training program in Tampa prepares you for a connected and conscious contribution throughout the rest of your life. Self-growth is an essential part of your yoga journey. Our curriculum and the classes you will learn to teach are tools to use for your personal level of Self awakening.

Our instructors are driven to support you in reaching your goals and will continue to support you after the immersion weeks are complete.

Our training location is split between the Evolation Yoga Tampa studio and some of the outdoor parks overlooking the Bay. Bond and connect with other trainees there to allow themselves to grow while practicing, meditating, and living yoga.

Get ready to transform your life in 4 weeks!

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Evolation yoga is devoted to helping you become more Self-centered – in an ego-free way. By combining the powerful physical properties of hot yoga with the awareness-enhancing effects of meditation, evolation’s aim is to make you healthier, happier, and more in touch with that elusive little thing called the Self.