Santa Barbara, CA

Certification Courses in 2017

Oct 02 – Oct 28: Hot 250-hr
Oct 02 – Nov 22: TheHotTT 500-hr
Oct 30 – Nov 22: Flow 250-hr

Complete your 250 hour hot or flow yoga teacher training in beautiful, sunny Santa Barbara, California! In addition to our Santa Barbara 250-hr trainings where you specialize in teaching either hot or flow yoga and qualify to register for your RYT 200 designation from the Yoga Alliance, you may also be interested in TheHotTT training. An ever increasing number of our students are opting to become certified to teach the world famous “26 & 2” hot yoga series as well as either flow yoga or yin yoga, which we offer in an intelligently and efficiently designed 8-week 500-hr immersion experience like no other! Upon successful completion of TheHotTT, graduates are eligible to register as an RYT 500 with the Yoga Alliance.

Whether you graduate from our 250-hr or 500-hr certification programs, this Californian paradise is sure to give you an experience you will cherish and remember for the rest of your life, as the perfect place where you deeply immersed yourself, learned and expanded your awareness of your yoga practice and your Self.

Whether you want to teach, deepen your practice, or embark on an amazing journey; we will be here to help you reach your highest Self and fulfill your highest potential. Days at the evolation yoga teacher training will teem with yoga in all forms from daily practice, posture mechanics, teaching clinics, anatomy and in depth lectures on yoga philosophy and its tangible and practical benefits in modern daily life.

Immerse yourself in a 4 week yoga experience that will change your life forever.

(Limited to 20 participants – apply today)


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yoga teacher training Santa Barbara

The evolation yoga teacher training Santa Barbara is a comprehensive and intensive program that will give you all of the basic tools necessary to teach a series of several different yoga classes. Whether you get certified in the primary hot or the primary flow training you will get all the tools you need to start your journey as a yoga teacher. Your training experience with evolation will be hands on, intimate and very accessible. We meet every trainee from where they currently are on their path and then guide them forward and inward. Our training is a life training designed to prepare the student for a more connected and aware life of contribution, Self growth and fulfillment. The curriculum and ultimately the classes you teach are a great set of tools for your own Self awakening. We do everything we can to support that goal including mentoring you long after your immersion training is complete.

will you come with us?

Santa Barbara is known for its lively health, wellness, art and yoga communities and is one of the most health and art conscious cities in the world. Its also a place with unlimited outdoor activity possibilities. The Ocean provides opportunities for every kind of water sport and activity you could ask for. Some of the most beautiful beaches in California are a few minute drive from the training. The Santa Barbara area is also known for its mountain trails and stunning vistas that have very easy access. In some places the mountain peaks and the Ocean waves are only 2 miles apart. Then there is the world renowned wineries and Organic farms which are a short drive away and the world class restaurants just minutes away in the downtown area.

travel dates

Traveling to and from the evolation yoga teacher training Santa Barbara location should be done on the Sundays one day before and one day after the training. The training will be held at the flagship studio Evolation Yoga Santa Barbara, located at 108 Pierpont Avenue, 2nd floor in Summerland, California.

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teaching team

Mark Drost

Mark Drost

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Zefea Samson

Zefea Samason

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Torrey Trover

Torrey Trover

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travel and accommodation

If you are local we are 10 – 15 minutes from everything in the Santa Barbara area. Coming from LA it is approximately an hour and a half long drive. From the Bay area we are a five hour drive. From San Diego its a four hour drive. If you are flying in there are two simple ways to get to the the training; one being the Santa Barbara airport and the second being LAX in Los Angeles. The Santa Barbara airport is about 15 minutes away and we can help arrange to pick you up. LAX is about an hour and a half away, but has a shuttle that goes directly to Santa Barbara. After the shuttle leaves LAX it only makes a few stops, all of which are in the Santa Barbara area. From any of the drop off points, it only takes 10-15 minutes to get here. The train and bus stations are also 10 minutes from the house as well.

start your journey today

The evolation yoga teacher training Santa Barbara costs $3900. Your teacher training journey with us begins once you commit to this path. A deposit of $2000 secures your place at anyone of the immersion dates you choose, and once you send in your deposit you will receive the teacher training manual so you can begin preparing for the course. If registration is within 60 days of the immersion training date then you must pay in full to secure your place. We offer an all inclusive food and accommodation package. Your four week stay costs $2100. Housing costs must be paid within 45 days of the start of the training. The $2000 deposit is non-refundable but if there is any need to change your plans, it can simply be used for a different training location or date.

what’s included

Evolation yoga provides life long support to all our teacher training graduates. Besides the four week immersion experience you receive our teacher training manual, unlimited free classes at evolation owned studios, the chance to come to any future teacher training (at the same level) at no extra cost and a discounted price for our Beyond 26+2 Next Step qualification.

You simply need to purchase the set texts and bring your own mat, towels and water bottle to the training. We know teacher training is a serious commitment of time and resources so we try to help make the costs as manageable as possible. We accept a single payment, four installments or sometimes even smaller payments spread out over a longer period. Our trainings are offered in small and intimate groups. Places are limited – so apply today to avoid disappointment.

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extended training

Santa Barbara will also have an extended teacher training option.

Evolation trainings are typically delivered as an intensive 4-week long immersion program. However, this is not possible for all prospective teachers. The evolation yoga extended teacher training curriculum was designed to accommodate your individual needs. You may now start your 250 hour evolation teacher training process any time that suits you; and you will be able to complete the training over the course of 6 months.

Since these trainings are more particular, the best way to start is to email (mark@evolationyoga.com) or call Mark at +1 561-827-8279



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