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Featured Graduate Story – Sarah Haasis

Featured Graduate Story – Sarah Haasis

Name: Sarah Haasis
Home: Houston, TX
Training completed in: Costa Rica & Tampa, FL
Training dates: January – March 2010

What is your main tip for new trainees starting their teacher training?

This is a life-long journey; you will be knowledgeable when you leave, but we only scratch the surface in a yoga teacher training. Be humble. Inquire. Dig deep. Allow. Trust. Keep learning.

How has teaching affected your personal practice?

Two primary things:
First, I practice with a lot more integrity and respect for my body and its limits. I actually hurt my back via yoga in the early days by consistently pushing deeper; I mean, come on, it looked good! Now, I am more respectful and gentle, particularly in backbends.
Second, I find it hard to be a student when you’re a teacher. The ego has a blast judging many countless things about the teacher. Some times the teacher is my yoga practice; finding compassion, respect and contentment with the way the class is, just as it is then. Maybe this is easier for other teachers?!

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What would you say to someone who has never tried yoga before?

It’ll rock your world. After that, I have several go-to tid-bits, but it depends on the style, the person, the heat level, the studio, etc.

Where would a cool place to do yoga be?

I’ve now lived in Florida, New York City, California, Texas and traveled a decent amount. Cities and spaces have different vibrational frequencies (I’m getting New Age-y right now) and will say that, for me, practicing yoga in locations with high vibrational frequencies creates more of an opening and transformational experience.
So, basically, anywhere with that vibe.

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