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international 30 day challenge starts TODAY!!

international 30 day challenge starts TODAY!!

Welcome yogis, today is the start of our international 30 day challenge. In total we have 7 studios in North America, Europe and South America coming together to encourage each other to reach new higher levels.

staying connected to your international 30 day challenge

To see the 30 day challenge in action, stay up to date by checking out our social media profiles.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/EvolationYoga/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/evolationyoga/

For the month of the challenge we will post everything from quotes, comments, testimonials, to photos and videos on our Facebook and Instagram profiles with the hashtag #evo30days. We will also be posting weekly blogs here with some of our favorite quotes and photos with additional tips and inspiration to keep you moving through the international 30 day challenge.

If you have any quotes, comments, testimonials, photos or videos to send. Please please please send them to us through Facebook, Instagram or email (ryan@evolationyoga.com). Don’t forget one of the grand prizes will go to someone who sent something in to us!!!!

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prizes for our 30 day challenge

grand prizes

  • Chic Bra Top from Onzie
  • String Shorts from Shaktiaw
  • Pair of Yoga Pants with a Mermaid Top from Teeki
  • Two grand prizes will be awarded randomly to people who complete the 30 day challenge. The final grand prize will be given to a yogi who submitted a photo, testimonial or video to us. Submissions can be sent to our Instagram, Facebook page, or through email (ryan@evolationyoga.com).

    local prizes

    Local prizes will be different at each studio and handled by the studio themselves. Some local prizes may be things like reduced prices for class packages, headbands, water bottles, yoga mats or other things. Please ask teachers at your studios for more details.

    yoga to grow from the inside out

    A 30 day challenge is the best way to transform yourself from the inside out. At the end of the training you will be stronger (both mentally and physically), have a better yoga practice, and have a stronger will. After completing a challenge, many people find that they sleep better, have a more toned body, rise in energy, and have an increased range of flexibility. Not all benefits are physical. After completing a challenge people can often gain confidence, a better understanding of their bodies and improvement in general wellbeing.

    At the end of the challenge you may even find that the foods you crave will be different. Steering away from unhealthy options and naturally wanting more nutrient rich, fulfilling foods.

    On top of all these amazing benefits, you will also be well on your way towards developing a lifelong habit. When interested in something, many people go from 0 to 100% too quickly and then burn themselves out in a very short period of time. Instead, aiming for one class a day spread evenly over the whole month has been proven to be a great way to make a habit of yoga actually stick. The patterns we repeat consistently (over a 21 day period) become neurological programs that we then run on a daily basis. Throw in a few extra days for good measure and you’ve got yourself a healthy new habit.

    Eve, studio manager of Evolation Yoga Santa Barbara, even chimed in explaining what she liked about her first 30 day challenge:

    completing a 30 day challenge

    Throughout the challenge you will feel many things. Excited, energized, tired, soar, discomfort and in love with random inanimate objects. To help you make it through the next month, here are a few useful tips.

    stay hydrated

    Water is so important in everything we do, so be sure and replenish what is lost during an intense yoga class. To a lot of people this may seem like an obvious tip, but everyone could benefit from drinking an extra glass of water a day during a 30 day challenge. Often the ones who downplay this advice as an “obvious tip” are the ones who do not drink enough water. You sweat a lot during class, so take a few extra sips every day this month even after you think you’ve had enough water.

    keep a journal

    A lot is going to happen this month, both on your mat and off. Keeping a journal is a fun way to look back and see what happened last month, last year, or when you were 12. Keeping a journal will be a fun read ten years from now, but there are other purposes as well. As you go along this next month, you will be tired some days, exhausted, confused. Looking through the journal and remembering why you’re here and what a great thing you are doing could be the extra push to get you on your mat on day 27. And if want to take another 30 day challenge, looking back at what happened to you (and when) will help immensely for your future.

    set an intention

    Teachers at our studios often tell their classes to “set an intention during class.” Do that, but at the beginning of your day, instead of after you are already in the yoga room. Try to wait one additional posture before you take a sip of water, or (especially at the end of the challenge) listen to your body and allow yourself to take breaks when you need them. If you set an intention before you even get to the yoga room, it will help motivate you to make it to class to fulfill your goal.

    listen for new things in class

    New things? Doesn’t everyone just say the same thing every time? Well, yes and no. There is a recommended dialog or asana essentials, but most teachers stray at least a little from that set text. Each teacher has found their own using different words to say the same thing. So each teacher may say something slightly different, something you resonate with and you’ll know a little more. Listen extra carefully to what your teacher says today and see if you can pick something out that is new.

    safety in numbers

    Find a buddy. Anybody. Use that person to keep you motivated and motivate them as well. Pick classes that you will both go to and keep each other accountable. The more you two (or more) stick together, the tighter your bond will grow and happier you will be there.

    talk to people

    Along the lines of finding a buddy, stay around after class and talk to the other people. Other people going through the challenge, newbies walking in the front door on the first day a little nervous about what may come 90 minutes from now, or even ask your teacher about a posture you would like some help on. A big part of the yoga world is the community that it fosters. We want people to come together over something they love, and at the end of the day this is something we all like 😛

    enjoy your 30 day challenge

    Above all else, have a good time and grow during the next 30 days. This is a magical time and be sure to cherish it. And don’t forget to stay tuned into our blog, Facebook page and Instagram page to stay fully up to date – our hashtag is #evo30days. Have a great Challenge!!!! 🙂


    Evolation yoga is devoted to helping you become more Self-centered – in an ego-free way. By combining the powerful physical properties of hot yoga with the awareness-enhancing effects of meditation, evolation’s aim is to make you healthier, happier, and more in touch with that elusive little thing called the Self.