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overcoming the pre-class mental debate

overcoming the pre-class mental debate

Have you ever noticed how some days, despite your best intentions, you just have a really hard time mustering up the willpower to go to a yoga class? I get it— it can feel like a big commitment to take an hour out of your day and make it to your mat, but I also know that once I’ve made it to class, I’m always happy that I went!

Here are five practical things that you can do to help you overcome the mental debate and make it to yoga.

Go with a friend

One of the oldest tricks in the book to help you stay motivated to exercise is to do it with a friend. There’s just something about doing yoga with a friend that makes it more enjoyable, thereby making it easier to stick to. Not to mention, you’ll always have somebody to grab a smoothie with after class!

Stay hydrated

This one applies specifically to hot classes. I have several friends that often gauge their hydration level before deciding whether to go to class or not. Becuase, let’s be honest, you sweat a lot! And if you’re not hydrated ahead of time, the class can feel more draining on the body. Make a point to stay hydrated throughout the day so you’re free to take an impromptu lunchtime class without worrying if you will going to feel dizzy or nauseous.

Plan your meals

Along with staying hydrated, I’d also recommend planning out your meals in advance. That way you can make sure that your body’s properly fueled for yoga. Fresh fruits and vegetables or whole grains are great options. On the flip side, thinking forward in your day and planning your meals will also help you avoid eating a big meal right before class. It’s actually recommended NOT to eat at least 60-90 minutes prior to class, but pay attention to your body’s needs and adjust accordingly.

Keep your yoga bag in your car

This tip is all about convenience. It’s a whole lot easier to make it to class after work if I know that my yoga gear is already with me in my car. No stopping at home, no wasted time. I bought a special bag designated just for yoga and always stock a bottle of water, a towel and my mat in there. If you are the type of person to make plans right after class, then make sure to stock an extra t-shirt and shorts or loose pants as well. That way, you don’t have to worry about sitting sweaty afterward.

Buy a class package

If I spend the money in advance on a class package then I am more accountable and motivated to using those classes! If the studio has an expiration date on your package, that’s even better. Sometimes I will intentionally choose the package that expires in 30 days just to help me stay consistent with going to class, especially if I am in a busier season with work. When I buy one class at a time (“drop-in”) then it’s too easy to push it aside when my days get backed up.

Allison Antoinette

Allison Antoinette​ is the newest addition to evolation yoga with a background in Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga alongside holistic nutrition. ​​Her inquisitive brain​ ​​finds joy in Eastern traditions and looks to help improve a quality of life for all.