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how to prepare practically for teacher training – part 3

how to prepare practically for teacher training – part 3

How to Prepare Practically for Teacher Training 

We’ve said it before and will say again that your teacher training experience begins the day you decide to register for training. That’s right! While you may not be on-site with other trainees and learning through your immersion experience each day, the learning process begins as soon as you decide to register. It starts with your first “Yes!” to your transformational yoga journey.

By now you should have a better understanding of how to best prepare for and optimize your teacher training experience. In the first blog of this series, we discussed how to physically prepare for your teacher training and covered information on sleep, nutrition and time management. In the second blog, we discussed how to mentally prepare with tools designed to help you stay focused and empowered throughout the immersion training itself. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the more practical side of preparing for your teacher training, prior to your first day on-site.

Let’s get started.

  1.     Get Your Books

Upon registration for an evolation training, you will receive a “Welcome” email with the download for your teacher training manual and a list of books to order. It goes without saying that the more time you make to read and absorb your training materials, the more you will gain! We highly recommend that you order your books from the required reading list as soon as you receive it. Popular sites, such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble, are easy to navigate and provide fast shipping. We also like to recommend www.betterworldbooks.com. Better World Books is a global bookstore that collects and sells books online to fund literacy initiatives worldwide. They have more than 8 million new and used titles in stock.

Lastly, print out your Training Manual from the Welcome email so can get started on studying.  

  1.     Start a Journal

Once training is underway, we strongly suggest that all students maintain a journal for tracking their progress, both physically and mentally, as they gain and grow through their studies. Even better is to start that journal ahead of your first day! Not everyone loves to write, but it’s worth taking stock of where you are at on your journey – no judgment, of course – for multiple reasons. Here you can begin to record your thoughts and feelings leading up to training, your expectations for what to receive through your training and your vision or intention for next steps after the training. You can also set an intention each day to strengthen and empower your experience.  Many students have reported that keeping a journal was an invaluable part of their training journey. One of the required written assignments is that you contribute to our ongoing #yogastory by submitting one page about your experience. This assignment will be easy if you keep a journal throughout the process.  “A life worth living is a life worth recording” — Jim Rohn

  1. Arrive EARLY

This is especially important if you are traveling from another time zone. Arriving a few nights early will give your body the chance to adapt and reset to its new surroundings so you don’t spend your first few precious days of training feeling groggy and disoriented. While evolation yoga cannot guarantee complimentary accommodations for those extra days prior to the actual start of training, we can possibly help you find a place to stay and provide you a list of activities and sights for touring in your location. We cannot stress this tip enough!

Again, congratulations on your decision to become a teacher! If you have additional questions about your training journey, do not hesitate to email evolation co-founder, Mark Drost, and the evolation teaching team at teach@evolationyoga.com.


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