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116-118 Mann St

Gosford NSW 2250



evolve hot yoga gosford

Evolve Hot Yoga Gosford is one of the newest studios in New South Wales, Australia. Along with boasting a gorgeous new interior, they are conveniently located right next to the train station, bus stops in the area and ample parking for cars and bikes. The classes they offer are:

hot 26 90

This is their classic 90 minute Hot 26 Class, 26 Postures, 2 breathing exercises practiced in 40 degrees and 40% humidity. The class is based on static postures practiced in a series designed to prepare your body for the next posture. An awesome, challenging class – practice 3 times per week to see awesome results in your overall body.

hot 26 X

Based on the 90 minute class, their Xpress class is 1hr in length. The standing series of postures are practiced twice, while the floor seires postures are practiced only once. All the same benefits as the 90 minute class, only shorter. Perfect for first timers or those of you with limited time.

power vinyasa

Suitable for complete beginners to advanced students, Evolve Hot Yoga Gosford’s Power Yoga is a dynamic style of yoga, it is the ultimate practice to transform your body and your life. Power Yoga is an awesome complement to your Hot 26 practice and vice versa – do both along with a couple of Yin classes each week and and miss nothing.

The room is heated to 32 degrees to aid in detoxing the body, through sweat, increased blood flow and to provide a mental challenge. The class begins with a gentle warm up, then moves into strong dynamic strength building postures, eventually slowing down for longer deep hip releasing and inversions to complete the class with savasana relaxation.

yin yoga

The fastest growing style of yoga right now, Yin is a non heated practice suitable for almost all levels of students and the perfect complement to the Yang styles of Hot 26 & Power Vinyasa. Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues of the body, focusing a lot on the hips, pelvis and spine – an deep practice especially for athletes or anyone that spends a lot of time sitting.

barre fusion

Their Barre Fusion class is a total body workout – beginning with some gently yoga to build heat in the body, they move into upper body work using light hand weights, then move right to the barre for some total lower body toning, back to the floor for some intense core work and finish with some stretching – all to an awesome playlist. A really fun, and surprisingly challenging class to get your body toned, strong and long.


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hot yoga teacher training