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sangat wellness center

Via XXV Aprile, 60-45014

Porto Viro (Rovigo) – Italy

+ 39 0426 320016




Sangat Wellness Center

The Sangat Wellness Center is a precious place of psychophysical balance. A unique jewel in the heart of the Parco del Delta del Po, immersed in the true nature of an area that offers scenery of infinite beauty that brings us back to our origins. The Sangat Wellness Center creates a environment where you can connect with the 5 elements of life: water, earth, fire, air and space.

Acquiring techniques learned from many knowledgable cultures around the world, the Sangat Wellness Center brings a combination of many holistic techniques and energies together for greater healing. The Sangat Wellness Center offers a cozy, warm and harmonious setting with architectural styles to promote relaxation through exciting plays of light, colors, music and enveloping essences. We will take you on an emotional journey that is designed to bring both body and mind into a natural dimension of wellness.

They created a holistic center to welcome and satisfy every individual’s desire for health in an intimate setting.

holistic approach

The term “holistic” comes from the greek “olos” which means totality. Holism, in medicine, is a state of health – the union of the mind, body, environment and society. The pursuit of health is directed to the person and not the disease. The cause and not the symptom. Not focussing on the organ systems, but instead focussing on rebalancing, stimulating the body’s natural self-healing process. They have daily yoga, Pilates, and meditation to help rebalance the body.


The Spa is a gem in the Holistic Sangat Wellness Center. Anyone can enjoy a moment to themselves, leaving behind the fatigue and stress of everyday life. They offer sauna’s, turkish baths and much more.


The bio-natural disciplines are all those techniques that, although not health driven, promote the well-being of the person and help to maintain mental and physical balance. These include Naturopathy, Holistic Massage and Ayurveda.

More about the Sangat Wellness Center can be found at sangat.it.


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