evolation yoga classes

is it hot in here? or is it just our classes?

evolation’s core offerings combine heated yoga classes with meditation to facilitate a powerful physical, mental and spiritual transformation. Beyond those basics, we offer classes in different degrees of heat and intensity and always sprinkle in some variety to keep you on your toes (not to mention your head, hands, and heels). So your practice never gets stale, and neither do we.

All yoga classes are taught by certified evolation teachers, so you know you’ve got a well-trained guide as you progress down the Self-directed path of your choice.

If you are looking for the schedule of your local studio then please scroll down the page and click on the studio in your area.

hot 90

temp: 105° time: 90 min

Get ready to stretch, strengthen, and sweat! Practiced in a hot room, this yoga class is designed for the experienced student, or the beginner who is looking for a greater challenge. Physically intense postures are taught in tandem with meditation, which translates to a complete workout for your body – and your mind. Now, thats hot!

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flow 75

temp: 80° time: 75 min

Get in the flow with this dynamic blend of fundamentals and new frontiers at a powerful, exhilarating pace. Students of all levels will build flexibility, strength, and inner freedom as we flow through movement, breathing, and meditation in a fun and exploratory way.

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warm 60

temp: 90° time: 60 min

Warm up to the transformative properties of yoga and meditation with this class that hits all the evolation highlights in just 60 minutes. Good for beginners, the pace is designed to bring awareness to correct form and breathing techniques – nurturing your practice into something that will continually nurture you.

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still 30

meditation time: 30 min

A 30-min seated mediation. Immediately following each Warm 60 class, this meditation session gives you some peaceful time with your Self to foster internal focus, calm, and stillness. There is no extra charge for meditation; simply stay after class and ”chill out.” (Drop-ins for mediation are also welcome.)

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kids class

temp: 80° comfy time: 60 min

A fun learning experience for your child, this class introduces them to all aspects of a healthy, age-appropriate yoga practice. Playful poses promote self-exploration, and increase their body awareness in a noncompetitive, nurturing environment.

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led ashtanga primary series

temp: 80° time: 90 min

A weekly led class reinforces what you practice in your Mysore class in a more structured setting where the teacher sets the pace, and the group moves together (just like in our Hot, Warm, and Flow classes). This class is a great way to kick off your practice for the week and work on listening, focus, and sweet surrender. Also open to and appropriate for beginners.

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temp: 80° time: 120 min

Mysore-style is the most traditional way to learn Ashtanga Yoga, and it is ideal for beginners. Arrive any time between 9:30 and 10:00am, and complete the series at your own pace, with one-on-one attention, guidance, and hands-on assistance from the teacher. This class allows you to explore your own unique practice within the safety and freedom of a private lesson, but with the support and motivation of the group’s energy. Slowly add new postures at your own pace as you develop your Mysore practice.

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gentle 60

temp: 75° time: 60 min

When you need a little extra tender loving care, this gentle practice will ease you into your day with no stress or strain. Slower-paced, accessible postures gently open your body to increase mobility and relieve stress. Practice being gentle with your self in a fun and loving way and watch your self love and confidence grow, your breathing and overall health improve. Ideal for beginners, seniors, or those recovering from illness or injury all levels and ages are welcome.

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an evolation preparation

While no two evolation yoga classes will ever be quite the same (we can’t transform you if we don’t transform ourselves), most things remain constant. That means there are some standard things you can expect: most importantly, the need for an open mind and a readiness to sweat. Beyond that, here are some tips to prepare you from the inside out:

before class

  • Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach, so we recommended you don’t eat at least 2 hours before class.
  • Water’s another story; make sure you come well hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.
    Wear whatever lets you move freely and sweat amply.
  • Skip the perfume or scent; while it smells great on a date, your yoga mates might not appreciate it.

when you arrive

  • Come 15 minutes early to register.
  • Leave your shoes outside the room and turn your cell phone off.
  • Mention any injuries or special conditions to the teacher at the beginning of the class so he or she can better guide you.

during class

  • No experience or flexibility is required, so don’t worry if a particular pose seems daunting. Yoga practice is exactly that – a continual learning process for everyone, regardless of how long they’ve been doing it.
  • Abandon the competitive mindset. There’s no winner or first place in yoga and meditation.
  • Keep your eyes on your own practice. It’s only through self-observation that we can calm the mind, open the heart and accelerate our evolution.
  • Be kind, loving and accepting of yourself. Do what you can with what you have – wherever you are. With yoga, that’s the perfect place to be.

help your Self – to some transcendent benefits

We’ve all heard that yoga is “good for you,” but what exactly does that mean? In the case of evolation, the fusion of hot yoga’s transformative properties with meditation’s awareness-enhancing effects translates to a superior benefits package that covers your body, mind, and spirit (with no deductibles or co-pays in sight). And there’s no requirements or restrictions on who can collect those benefits; they’re available to everyone – no matter where you are on the path.

While Self-discovery is our destination, a toned and healthy body, peaceful mind, and glowing skin make the inward journey an even more enjoyable ride. Of course, you get out what you put in. So, we recommend a regular practice of at least ten times a month to reap the biggest benefits.

Here’s a taste of some potential positive side effects of an active practice:


  • Weight loss
  • Balanced metabolism
  • Fit, sculpted, toned body
  • Increased strength
  • Glowing skin
  • Better flexibility
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Well-regulated menstrual cycle
  • Helps heal and prevent injuries and diseases


  • Better focus and concentration
  • Sounder sleep
  • Increased willpower and determination
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved memory
  • Less risk of depression


  • Feelings of peace, happiness, and gratitude
  • Greater awareness of the external and internal
  • Enhanced sense of purpose and clarity
  • Connection with your Self

about evolation:

what makes evolation different from other yoga practices?

evolation maintains the unique commitment to constantly evolve in order to match the needs of our students, teachers, and studios. While there are many effective yoga systems in the West today, we strive to be accessible to all people, by bringing the best of these traditions to our students, and evolving when necessary.   While we draw much of our foundation and inspiration from Bikram yoga, evolation goes beyond simply marrying it with meditation. We’ve removed limitations from our model by moving away from a rigid structure – expanding our practice into the fuller spectrum of yoga. This means we can utilize more tools to facilitate awareness, and make the path to your Self more accessible.

how does evolation relate to bikram yoga?

Evolation is firmly rooted in and influenced by the traditions of Bikram Choudhury and Paramhansa Yogananda.  We find our foundation in their combination – producing an entirely new practice with the goal of facilitating spiritual awakening for a wide range of students. Our foundation is in the Bikram yoga method, and the evolation founders and some of the teachers have been trained by Bikram. Other than that evolation has no connections with Bikram Choudhury as a person or with his organization.

how does evolation combine meditation with the physical yoga practice?

Our teachers thread meditation throughout the entire practice. We also end every class with several minutes of stillness in a seated meditation.

about the practice:

why is the room heated?

The room is intentionally heated to warm your muscles – allowing you to work more deeply and safely. The heat also facilitates healing, helps prevent injuries, and promotes sweating, which helps flush toxins from your body.

are the yoga classes with evolation a real “cardio” workout? will it help me lose weight?

Yes. No matter what your level of fitness, you’ll find this yoga very challenging. Each posture combines flexibility, strength and balance to work your whole body – from your bones out to your pores. With persistence, patience and dedication, you can lose inches and develop muscle tone and strength that might never come from other forms of exercise.

about you:

what if I’m not flexible?

This is the most common misconception that prevents people from coming to a yoga class. Yoga is not about how flexible you are, but about strengthening and stretching your body and spine in all directions. All that matters is that you try, go to your personal “edge,” and you’ll get 100% of the benefit! Everybody has certain strengths and challenges. And with practice, your flexibility will increase dramatically.

what if I have injuries or illnesses?

Please let your instructor know if you’ve recently had surgery, or have any injuries, illnesses, or special conditions. You should still be able to do most yoga postures, but the teacher will show you some modifications to prevent further injury. Trust that you’re in the right place; this yoga is good for the healing process as well as prevention.

how often should I come?

Come as often as you can. The more you come, the quicker you’ll see results. We’ve got a feeling you’ll find yourself wanting to practice fairly frequently. Why? Because it’s fun, you’ll feel amazing, and it works! Even if it’s hard for you initially, the time and effort you put into your yoga practice will be returned to you tenfold.

about yoga and pregnancy:

can I still practice when I’m pregnant?

Absolutely! Practicing yoga and meditation will facilitate an easier pregnancy and birthing experience. The general rule in your practice, pregnant or not, is to understand what your limits are and never push yourself beyond them. All evolation instructors are trained to guide women through modifications and specific poses that will make practicing while pregnant joyful and safe. Also, evolation offers a Warm 60 class, if you’d prefer to practice with less heat.

will doing yoga while pregnant be difficult?

Usually, the first three months of a pregnancy are the hardest, as that’s the time when most hormonal changes occur. This is when many women feel nauseated and have much less energy. So, for some, it feels better to take it easier, practice a little bit less, or skip the first trimester entirely. And when you do practice, you shouldn’t feel bad about sitting down a bit more than usual.

still curious?

Contact us at info@evolationyoga.com with your questions, and we’ll get back to you with answers as soon as we can.

The yoga services, products and actions of Bikram Choudhury, Bikram Yoga, and Bikram’s Yoga College of India are not approved, endorsed or authorized by evolation yoga. Evolation is not affiliated in any way with Bikram Choudhury.

Evolation yoga services and products are not approved, endorsed or authorized by Bikram Choudhury, Bikram Yoga, and Bikram’s Yoga College of India.