flow yoga class

a continuous flow

hot yoga classGet in the flow with this dynamic blend of fundamentals linked together in a vigorous series of vinyasa yoga poses. Athletic movements are synchronized with the breath giving this class a powerful, exhilarating pace that offers modifications for all levels. Advanced students and beginners alike will build flexibility, strength, and endurance as we flow through movements that emphasize correlated breathing transitions in and out of the poses. This continuous flow of kinesthetic exercise will improve your cardiovascular strength as well your mental strength.

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hot yoga class bikram

inner freedom

Enjoy a different variety of flow yoga poses each class as there is no specific sequence the instructors have to follow. You will experience inner freedom through this deep exploration of the vinyasa practice. Although instructors tailor their classes differently, expect to practice several sun salutations with deliberate breath cues, as the true focus of any flow class is controlling the inhalations and exhalations of the breath.