hot yoga class

get ready to stretch, strengthen and sweat!

hot yoga classPracticed in a heated room, this hot yoga class is designed for the experienced student, or the beginner who is looking for a greater challenge. Students of all levels feel welcome as we verbally instruct you through two sets of 26 traditional hot yoga poses.

Newcomers feel welcome and immediately notice how our teachers create a space for each student to practice at their own ability. It’s truly magical how seasoned yogis and new yogis practice the same posture at different levels and receive the same health benefits.

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hot yoga class bikram

intense hot yoga class

During class, physically intense hot yoga postures are taught in tandem with meditation, which translates to a complete workout for your body and your mind. The heated yoga room loosens your muscles and joints maximizing their stretching and strengthening capacity while preventing injury.

As the heat loosens your body, your mind adjusts to the heat by eliciting a heightened state of focus – hence why we often refer to this yoga series as a moving meditation. This transformative series will fill your Self with energy.