warm yoga class


hot yoga classWarm up to the transformative properties of yoga and meditation with a class that hits all the evolation highlights in just 60 minutes. The room is still heated, but to a lower temperature and many of the same 26 postures and two breathing exercises are practiced, but only once. Some consider this class a slower paced hot 90, as the postures are held a little longer and modifications are encouraged to help new students practice proper alignment and prevent injury.  Although it is shorter and less physically intense this class will challenge even the most seasoned hot yogis.

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hot yoga class bikram

powerful and healing

Good for beginners, this powerful and healing class is designed to bring awareness to correct form and breathing techniques. Each class is balanced to give you a full body workout followed by an optional 30-minute seated meditation. Similar to the hot 90 class, students will experience short savasanas in between each pose providing an opportunity for the body to heal and the mind to find stillness. Experience a refreshing sweat after practicing the perfect mixture of intense hot yoga poses and meditation.