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the beginning yoga teacher training days

the beginning yoga teacher training days

yoga teacher training day 1

Wow!! I did 3 solid hours of hot yoga today… not all at once, but two separate classes… this is a personal victory for me, I have thought about and wondered about taking two classes in one day and now I know that I can! It was a great first day at Teacher training! We have a great class, amazing instructors and we all seem to be in the same boat, learning at a fast but doable space. Working well together as a group and helping each other to learn the asanas. We introduced ourselves and learned about the group, where everyone is coming from and where they want to be. We pondered the question “Who am I”…. and filled in the blanks as best we could. We played the name game yoga style… most fun way to do it of course!

I’m tired but feeling awesome. I know that the instruction couldn’t be better, and I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I know that I can learn this stuff, as intimidating as it may seem to start. But now I have to go study just a little more before bed time… and do it all over again tomorrow!hot-yoga-teacher-training-250-300

yoga teacher training day 2

After 13 solid hours of yoga training I have to admit my mind is spinning… but in a good way. Actually, my favourite part of the day was the late night discussion of the philosophy of yoga, discussing the ego and material world versus the soul or spiritual world. I could talk about this stuff forever! My body responded much better today to the second class, not nearly as daunting as it was yesterday, and I even managed to somehow get through my very first posture, Half Moon pose in front of the group! Now I am learning to present Backward bend for tomorrow.

The posture mechanics clinic was really interesting and informative. I had no idea that my posture was that out of whack! You only need a wall to tell you the truth about how you stand and how that effects the rest of your body. I will now root myself to the floor through my feet, spiral the muscles of my legs upward, suck in my belly button, tuck in my tailbone and relax my shoulders and neck…. well, it may take some practice!!

yoga teacher training day

yoga teacher training day 3

Presented Backward Bend and Pada Hastasana today, honestly if you had asked me yesterday if I could pull that off I probably would have answered with a resounding NO, or at least a firm not yet… and here I am, with it behind me and not a bad job all around, I must say… will lots of room for improvement of course!

The 9:30am class was killer, couldn’t seem to get out of my head. Remembered that I forgot to pack an extra change of clothes for the babysitter to take the kids swimming and it niggled my brain throughout the class, with various silly stuff. My body felt sore and depleted and I found myself finally laughing at myself for feeling so sorry for myself. Quiet down, busy brain. As usual, Camel Pose helped enormously; my all time favourite! Heart Chakra wide open, I am back to normal again… for now!

The 5:30pm class was actually physically harder than the 9:30, yet I found it so much easier. I was better hydrated, the swim clothes were dealt with, and I was able to concentrate. All in all a great class! The evening lecture, delving into the philosophical side of yoga is always interesting. Studying the Sutras could take a life time, but we are tackling it 90min at a time… broadening our minds and perspectives.


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Dee is a Mom, hairstylist, blogger (www.archangeloracle.com), jewelry creator and crystal collector. She experimented with various yoga styles until falling in love with hot yoga about 3 years ago. She has always wanted to become a yoga teacher, and the Evolation course in her hometown of Victoria, BC, was the perfect opportunity to do so. She is putting all her other passions on hold for the duration of the course and loving what she is learning, of the physical and mental aspects of yoga. Dee is also planning to take her level one and two Reiki, and work with crystals for healing. She has an affinity for Angels, crystals, Mother Earth and all her creatures. Her mission is to help people raise their vibration through self awareness and higher consciousness, tapping in to their innate healing capabilities; helping them to heal themselves and also the Earth.