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Over 11 million Americans practice yoga – That number has steadily increased over the last decade and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Anyone with a regular practice can attest to the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga. It’s no surprise that Western culture has not only accepted yoga, but embraced it. Many American’s see yoga as fitness, but yoga is ultimately about transformation and growth. Some argue that yoga has infiltrated our society so heavily that it is actually changing that way we understand health, happiness and consciousness.


As you can imagine, with an increased demand for yoga the need for studios and teachers has also increased. Becoming a yoga teacher or studio owner is a decision many yogi’s are currently facing. Let’s look at what goes into this decision and some of the questions you should ask your Self before signing up for a yoga teacher training program.

If you have been practicing for several years, you may already feel like a seasoned professional and want to share your passion for yoga with others. This is the first step. As a teacher you will help those on the yoga path, so you should have an interest in helping others. Why not build a career helping others while doing something you already love? Or as some would say – make your life your living!


There are several yoga teacher training programs, so you need to find one that meet your needs, desires and availability. Start by writing down what type of yoga you are interested in teaching, to whom you would like to teach (children, adults, special needs, or elderly), and how much you are financially able to spend on your certification.

Next, start with doing some research. Look online for training programs that offer your preferred style of yoga. Would like you to teach hot yoga, flow yoga, ashtanga yoga? If you are solely planning on teaching Bikram yoga, you may find yourself in a field of lot of competition, however if you plan on teaching Hatha or Vinyasa, you may find yourself set apart a bit in regards to those who are looking to broaden their yoga-horizons.

Research the training programs near your home town and far away. Many teacher trainees prefer to travel for training as it helps remove life distractions and helps you focus all your energy into your training. Plus, most programs offer housing so you won’t end up sleeping in the studio. Make sure to jot down the requirements of each program, many require that you have practiced yoga for several years. As with anything big decision, this process is going to require focus, an open mind, and dedication.

Many training courses, such as evolation yoga, require 200 hours of your time to ensure you have received comprehensive training and are ready to start teaching after your training ends. Evolation also offers small class sizes and gives trainees personal mentorship and career guidance. Just because “life happens”, does not mean you can not pursue your dreams, evolation yoga also offers extended training over a 6 month period or in one to two week modules.

More over, their training course covers philosophy, asana (posture) and pranayama (breathing), anatomy and physiology, meditation, teaching methods and techniques and even business development training. You are literally walking away with everything you need to start your yoga teaching career.


Making your decision is not always obvious at first, but as they say “the teacher appears when the student is ready.” In short, be thorough with your research and call the head trainer before you sign up to get more information about the the program. Mostly likely, once you speak with the trainer, you’ll know whether that program is right for you. There are so many wonderful and unique opportunities in the vast and beautiful world of yoga instruction. As stated by Maria Ruiz, evolation instructor, “We have the opportunity here to live the training we want to live, to become the teacher we want to be, and to share with others the best of us. We have the choices. We are the creators of our lives.”

It may seem like a long process, but once you get your yoga teaching certification, a new exciting world will be graciously awaiting you!

Evolation yoga is a rapidly expanding collective of yoga teachers, studios, and training centers and aims to provide tools for a more conscious living – for ourselves, for our community, and ultimately for all.

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Namaste, friends. And best of luck on your future endeavors.

Amy Koller

I am a stay-at-home mom and full time online college student. I love meditation and practise yoga in my spare time. Bringing my inner self to peace is one of the things that makes me forget day to day problems.