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why yoga teacher training will change your life

why yoga teacher training will change your life

The weekend before my flow teacher training immersion I attended a weekend workshop taught by yogini, Micheline Berry. Flow teacher, Eric Wheeler was in one of the classes with me. Before class he asked me “are you ready for the training”. I said “yes.” He simply responded, “It will change your life”. Those words echoed in me for the next couple of weeks. I thought, “What exactly does that mean?”, “When would I find out?”


“It will change your life…”

The next day, my teacher training immersion started. It was an equally beautiful and challenging experience. Each day was full of physical practice, learning, lectures, discussion and meditation. The asana practice churned the physical and the body. Discussion and meditation churned my mind; in my being, the old patterns “samskara” started to fade as new experiences in me brought my “self” closer to the surface. This transformation grew in me a little more each day that I spent in the immersion. I felt my inner light glow stronger and brighter. I also felt I was able to see the light in others as well. This shifted the way I interacted with people. I found that I loved more and judged less. I let go of things that didn’t serve me. If it was something that didn’t serve me that I couldn’t change, I shifted my outlook towards it. It wasn’t until after I left the immersion “bubble” that I really felt the impact of this shift, of how I interacted with others and how I experienced life. This transformation gave me an enormous amount of happiness and energy.

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manifest your destiny

Flow teacher, Katie Ratchuk worked with us on journaling exercises about manifesting our destiny. Throughout the exercises, I wrote down a long-term goal and a couple of short-term goals. It felt awkward at first, to put dreams, thoughts and desires on paper where I could see them. There seemed to be a feeling of vulnerability that someone else could now see them. When I let go and connected with my heartfelt thoughts and desires, and removed doubt, anxiety and judgment, I allowed my self to shine. It is a powerful exercise to take a thought or a dream that floats around like a daydream in your head and make it a little more real by writing it down, visualizing it, and connecting with the feelings of what it would be like if it were real. It is the essence of the law of attraction. As I write this, a couple of my journal entries have manifested themselves in my life; I taught a class that at capacity was “mat to mat.” I have taken the practice outside of the walls of the studio to runners and co-workers at my office job.

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yoga teacher training is the foundation for transformation

Teacher training set the foundation for this transformation. I am teaching, living, practicing and realizing that when your heart, mind and energy are aligned – that the Universe has a way of working things out. This allows the “magic” in everyday life to happen and for potential to become reality. I look at the journal entries in my notebook and smile, I now realize how my life has changed, continues to change and continues to reveal itself to me. It is a beautiful thing.

Kerri Mersereau

After years of running and high impact activities, Kerri found yoga. The difference she felt in her body and mind the day after her first class was dramatic. Kerri’s desire is to share yoga with students so they can connect with their potential, embody the flow and awaken on and off the mat. Kerri teaches Flow at evolation Tampa. She has studied with the evolation yoga flow teacher training with Eric Wheeler and Katie Ratchuk. She has completed Yin Yoga and Restorative teacher training through Asheville Yoga Center. Kerri is also a NASM certified personal trainer.