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how I became inspired to be a yoga teacher

how I became inspired to be a yoga teacher

It was my last year of college at Colorado State University and my time to make a decision about what I was going to do post-bachelor’s degree was running out. I had expected that by this point, I would have a clear drive and inspiration as to what I wanted to study in post-graduate work and exactly what I was striving for. I didn’t….


a career helping people

I knew from the moment I graduated high school that I wanted my career to be helping people. At that time, I thought the way I would enjoy doing that was by becoming a psychologist and opening a therapeutic private practice. However, the more classes I took and the deeper I got into studying psychology, instead of becoming more inspired and more driven, I was becoming disillusioned and more afraid of my time as a student coming to an end because I wasn’t sure that was my path anymore. It seemed like a ‘good’ thing to do, but it didn’t excite me. At all. I started to realize that my favorite class in college wasn’t a psychology class, but was an anatomy and physiology class. I also realized that the part of my day that I cared about the most was going to yoga class every morning.


a shift of perspective

Ok, I admit it, it wasn’t just the part of my day I cared about the most. It was steadily growing into an obsession. Every choice I made throughout the day, was first weighed in the light of how it would make me feel in yoga class. How much water I drank, what I would eat, when I would eat, when and how much I would sleep, what activities I was going to partake in that night, etc. etc. I read books about yoga. I would talk to my friends about yoga, I would talk to my family about yoga, I would talk to the people at my part-time pizza shop job about yoga, etc. etc. All the things I learned in my favorite anatomy/physio class at school were, in my mind, all looped back to yoga. All the things I learned in my not-so-favorite psychology classes were also, in my mind, all looped back to yoga.

One day I was taking a shower at home after my usual yoga class and the idea popped into my head: What if I could obsess about yoga all the time? What if yoga, being the thing that I do on the side but look forward to ALL day, could shift into being the CENTRAL thing that I do? How intriguing… When these questions came to my mind, I immediately felt like I had an army of butterflies inside my belly, all of them saying ‘yes! yes! yes!’ I went to school that day and couldn’t concentrate because my mind kept going back to those musings and that feeling inside me would crop up, full force.

That feeling stuck with me for a few days. By the end of that week, I realized that I’d never had an idea that made me so exhilarated before. I thought that in itself was worth looking into. I also realized that becoming a yoga teacher would make me have a skill that I could do anywhere on the planet! I could travel the world doing sharing the thing I love most. Every human needs yoga!

the right decision

So, I made the decision to take my first yoga teacher training and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve taken quite a few different trainings all over the world and with each training I take, I acquire more tools to use to help people discover their true Self, transform their life, and grow. I’ve realized that I hope to keep educating myself so I can become a better and better teacher for the rest of my life. Remaining a student forever, makes me a better teacher. Every day I am thankful that I made the decision to devote my life to sharing yoga.

Torrey Trover

Torrey fell in love with yoga when she was a student at Colorado State University. She is a Bikram Yoga Teacher Training graduate, completed a traditional hatha yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India and a Yin yoga training in Whistler Canada. She is also a certified Rolfer, in which she completed her training at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado. Her many hours of study make her the evolation anatomy expert. Over the years, Torrey has taught in various studios in Colorado, New York, Costa Rica, Maui, and Australia. She is very excited to now be a part of the evolation family! She lives in Santa Barbara, but travels around with Mark and Zefea to help expand the ever-growing evolation team. Wherever Torrey finds herself teaching, it is her goal to empower students to use the process of alignment to open up the vast potential that lies beyond the purely physical practice.