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Yoga Tips for Glasses-Wearers

Yoga Tips for Glasses-Wearers

Yogi style is both functional and stylishly representative of an empowered, carefree way of life. Form-fitting yoga pants provide flexible comfort and versatility for free-flowing movement. A fitted tank top moves with you from pose to pose. Long locks pulled back into a high bun or braid prevents hair from falling into your face. Yogis rely on these essentials for an energizing, mindful and revitalizing practice. But if you prefer to wear eyeglasses over contacts, do your specs detract from your experience?

Eye Health

The yogi lifestyle embraces a health-conscious way of living, from organic foods and a natural diet to spirituality and a strengthened body. With such a strong focus on health, you may prefer eyeglasses over contact lenses to reduce risk of damage to your eyes. Contacts can prevent the eyes from receiving oxygen, which can cause blood vessels to cover the corneas or even corneal neovascularisation. Excessive contact use can also lead to irritation, redness, dryness and infections. Maintaining healthy eyes is no different than maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit — and eyeglasses can help let eyes breathe.

Yogi Style

Modern-day yogi warriors typically embrace an earthy style that embraces athleticism, creativity and self-expression — a handwoven scarf provides comfort and calmness and mala bead jewelry aids in meditation and affirmations. Yogis even use eyeglasses as an accessory for self-expression, creating a bold identity for practicing inside and outside the yoga room.

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Meditation Tool

By not wearing contacts or eyeglasses during practice, you may feel like blurriness and dizziness distract. Eyeglasses can actually serve as a tool to enhance meditation. Throughout your practice, determine the poses and flows that mandate clear vision for balance. Then determine postures or sequences in which blurred vision can actually help you reach internally to focus from within. During these moments, intentionally remove your eyeglasses to embrace visual chaos. Close your eyes to deepen focus and your state-of-mind, especially during asana and pranayama.

Safety and Distraction

Some yogis may argue against wearing eyeglasses during yoga because these objects on the face can become a safety concern. During a fall, glasses could smash against your face. Dripping sweat could cause glasses to fall down your nose, which may distract you from a pose and risk injury. If you wear glasses that aren’t fitted properly, you could become increasingly focused on how the specs feel, rather than your breathing and intention.

These tips can help you keep wearing eyeglasses without threatening your safety, focus and a mindful state-of-mind.

  • Accessory Awareness: Glasses can be impediments just as much as necklaces, rings, bracelets and fitness watches. Learn to manage these types of accessories, insomuch that these items become a part of you throughout each movement.
  • Specs Support: Ensure that your eyeglasses are lightweight, well-crafted and well-fitted. If they continue to move from sweat, secure the specs to prevent them from slipping.
  • Utilize Breaks: During hot yoga in particular, a yogi may need to frequently hit child’s pose to slow the heart rate and intensity from the heat. Child’s pose can serve as a break to rehydrate and wipe away sweat from the face. Use a yoga hand towel with moisture-wicking fabric to alleviate sweat.

For the serious yogi who avoids contacts, LASIK serves as a second alternative, next to glasses. LASIK is a more costly investment; however, can provide clear vision for a lifetime that has zero impact on your practice.

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