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taking yoga teacher training in a tropical location

taking yoga teacher training in a tropical location

Let’s take some time to imagine a scene: You open your eyes in the morning after a nights sleep. The first thing you see is the color green… lots and lots of green. The green of the thousands and thousands of leaves of the tropical rainforest just outside your window. You hear so many different birds’ songs, and even the spooky, dissonant wail of a howler monkey high up in the canopy. The air is delicious and steamy, with the scent of fertile earth and sweet tropical flowers. You know that the only thing on your plate today is yoga.


Taking yoga class, listening to lectures about the different facets of yoga, practicing teaching yoga, and learning about the vast universe of the human body. You are miles and miles from the distractions of your everyday life and you can really get down to business and open yourself to new information…

What I’m describing is the experience of teacher training in Costa Rica. Which is one of the tropical locations for teacher training we have lined up for next  January/February. And then after that we offer yoga teacher training in Hawaii in March. Will you come with us?

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what’s so great about teacher training in the tropics?

Well, besides the obvious points: impeccable weather, fresh tropical fruit and juices, seeing new wildlife and oceanlife, the picturesque beaches (are you drooling yet), there are many benefits to getting out of town and taking a yoga teacher training in a place far from home:

1. Fun: This the first thing that comes to my mind. It’s incredibly enjoyable to be in a
new place and explore uncharted territory with a group of new friends. It’s fun to be able to jump in the ocean after you practice, and it’s fun to be in a place where the only clothes you really need are a bikini or a swimsuit.

2. Space from everday distraction: This is definitely a point to take note of. If you have the luxury of the ability to take your teacher training in a location that is away from where you normally reside, you can totally immerse yourself in what you are doing then and there. The normal distractions of house upkeep, your job, family duties, and keeping up with your social circle are temporarily out of your sight and mind. Being able to let go of those things and truly focus on your growth as a teacher is a tremendous gift to yourself.

3. Challenge: I’ll admit it, going to a place that you aren’t used to is a challenge. Things seem foreign and take a little bit more effort to figure out compared to when you are at home. This is an opportunity to look at yourself and see how you choose to react and grow. It’s an opportunity to open your mind and see how other types of people live their lives.

All in all, combining your yoga teacher training with travel to a new and exciting place is incredible. If you have the space and time in your life to make it happen, I highly recommend it! I hope to see you out there.


fun facts about Costa Rica – yoga teacher training 27 Jan – 23 Feb 2014:

1. There are more monkeys than people
2. It’s the only modern democracy with no standing army
3. The majority of the country’s land is protected by the government
4. 6% of the world’s flora and fauna live in this very small country

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fun facts about Hawaii – yoga teacher training 3 Mar – 30 Mar 2014:

1. There are no snakes on any of the Hawaiian islands
2. The humpback whale season is December-May, where around 2,000 whales come to breed, calve, and nurse their young.
3. Encrusted in many of the volcanic rocks is the sparkly green stone Olivine (a form of Peridot) which is formed by the cooling of hot magma, many many years ago.
4. The ocean temperature fluctuates between 77-82 degrees F throughout the year.

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Torrey Trover

Torrey fell in love with yoga when she was a student at Colorado State University. She is a Bikram Yoga Teacher Training graduate, completed a traditional hatha yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India and a Yin yoga training in Whistler Canada. She is also a certified Rolfer, in which she completed her training at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado. Her many hours of study make her the evolation anatomy expert. Over the years, Torrey has taught in various studios in Colorado, New York, Costa Rica, Maui, and Australia. She is very excited to now be a part of the evolation family! She lives in Santa Barbara, but travels around with Mark and Zefea to help expand the ever-growing evolation team. Wherever Torrey finds herself teaching, it is her goal to empower students to use the process of alignment to open up the vast potential that lies beyond the purely physical practice.